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  • APP : VictronConnect
  • Anforderungen : Android
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  • Kategorie : Tools

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VictronConnect ZeichenVictronConnect lets you get live status info and configure Victron products using a VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle or a VE.Direct to USB interface*. LIVE DATA:Get instant data from your solar charger or battery monitor.READ HISTORY RECORDS**:Makes it easy to diagnose your installation.With BlueSolar MPPT chargers you’ll get thirty days history records at one glance.UPDATE FIRMWARE:Be always up to date. VictronConnect includes the latest firmware versions, when outdated firmware is detected you'll be prompted to update. It is also possible to update firmware manually.DEMO MODE:Select a product from the built-in demo library and discover all the features.Supported Victron products:* BMV 70x Battery Monitors* BlueSolar & SmartSolar MPPT Chargers*** * VE.Direct Phoenix Inverters* Blue Smart IP22 Chargers* Blue Smart IP65 Chargers* Blue Smart IP67 Chargers* Peak Power Pack—-* The phone or tablet has to support USB OTG, check the list with tested devices here:** Only on products with history support*** BlueSolar 70/15 not supported

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