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Touch Portal ZeichenTouch Portal is the #1 All-in-One Remote Control Macro and Stream app for Phones and Tablets with a deck of buttons as a board on your desk and workspace.You will get the following features:- OBS STUDIO INTEGRATION (OBS web-socket required)- STREAMLABS OBS INTEGRATION- STREAMELEMENTS OBS.LIVE INTEGRATION (OBS web-socket required)- REMOTE CONTROL PC AND/OR MAC- XSPLIT INTEGRATION- TWITCH INTEGRATION- TWITTER INTEGRATION- HOME AUTOMATION- PHILIPS HUE INTEGRATION- MACRO BUTTONS- SMART TOUCH BUTTONS- CUSTOMIZABLE LOOK AND FEEL- COMMUNITY-DRIVEN DEVELOPMENTTouch Portal is a companion app to control a PC or a Mac by using a deck of buttons to improve the workflow & productivity of game streamers, content creators and professionals.Touch Portal gives you all the essential controls you’d need, we keep adding more features every update! With Touch Portal you are allowed up to 110 unique buttons per page for the Pro version, not to mention you could use the pages to even increase this!Use it as a Macro Deckboard or Shortcut Board for your video and photo editing software and edit faster and more efficient.Use cases:- Game streamers:Stream your games while having total control of your broadcast overlays with a deck of buttons.- Video editors:Edit your videos faster, easier and smarter with a fully customizable page with the buttons you use most often on your Touch Portal deck. Create macros and shortcut buttons to optimize your workflow.- Photo editors:Edit your photos faster, you don't have to learn all the shortcuts the photo editing software gives you, just add the action you want to the "Touch Portal Desktop" app and start editing.- Professionals:Create your own customizable page to improve your productivity and workflow. The app is an extension of your keyboard, with much more features.IMPORTANT!:* You need to download the "Touch Desktop" app on your PC or your Mac to use this app. Please go to our website to download it from our website. join us at our Discord server for the fastest help. We are daily available on discord, our community is also willing to help you further with your Touch Portal experience.Discord server:

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