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Samsung Video Library

  • APP : Samsung Video Library
  • Anforderungen : Android
  • Hersteller : Home
  • Kategorie : Videoplayer & Editors

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Samsung Video Library

Samsung Video Library ZeichenYou can browse and play video content. It also provides clear and straightforward layout, when you select Samsung Video Player for playing video clip, it may provide a seamless user experience. [Major Features] ■ Viewing □ Videos/Folders Tab □ List/Grid View □ Search □ Sort by – Title/Time □ Sort by Order – Ascending/Descending □ File Tag (360 video, DRM, Slow motion, Hyperlapse video and HDR) □ Instant player – displaying the selected video on the list■ Managing □ Provides Editor/Delete on video content (You can download Video Editor) □ You can share video content with friends via various sharing functions that device supports – Email, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, YouTube… □ You can select and move/copy contents if multiple folder exists □ You can rename a file/folder □ You can create a folder and add videos there □ You may select video content then delete or make it private** ** – 'Private' functionality available if the device supports any of the following : Secure Folder, Private Mode or KNOX service.* Supported device: Samsung Galaxy Series (some models are not supported due to hardware dependency)*********Regarding the App Access Privilege*********To provide quality service, the app needs below app access privilege. You can use basic function of app without consent of Optional App access privilege. – Mandatory Access Privilege . Storage: The purpose is to access/manage local video files.

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