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MeTime ZeichenWith MeTime you simply choose the area you want to treat or improve, select your preferences, treatments that may interest you, or simply leave it up to the Providers to make suggestions and recommendations. You can take photos, select the locations and range for Providers, and what you’re willing to spend. Once you submit your preferences and photos, Providers in your selected area will contact you through the app to give their expert recommendations and start a chat. AREASEach Journey in MeTime begins with your selection of areas. These include face, neck, body, skin, hair, teeth, and intimate. Within each area you can select specifically what region you want to improve, correct or enhance. For example, within the face area you can choose eyes, nose, cheeks, face shape, and many more. Within body you can choose tummy, thighs, breasts, hands, feet, for example. You can also select skin, hair restoration or removal, teeth restoration, and treatments for intimate areas for women and men. PREFERENCESYou can skip to get recommendations and suggestions from Providers if you prefer and simply upload some photos. If you know what you want, you can select preferences for each area, such as tightening skin, improving face shape, removing fat, and enhancing lips or features. Then, you can click on treatments that you are considering such as liposuction, face lifting, fillers, nose surgery, lasers and so on. You will guide the Providers by selecting how dramatic a change, or subtle, you want your treatment to be, and whether you want something nonsurgical, minimally invasive, or surgical. PHOTOSWith MeTime you have the opportunity to submit photos safely and securely so that Providers can give tailored treatment recommendations without the need to meet you physically. The MeTime photo upload section guides you through taking photos of appropriate areas at different angles so your Provider can give you the best advice. You can submit one or more photos, or skip, although photos greatly enhance the ability for Providers to provide accurate advice during the chat.MATCHINGAs a MeTime user, you can select your current location or a different city to match with Providers, and a range within that location to match with more or fewer Providers! You can also limit your matching to certain specialties and those with a certain amount of experience. Adding price range and downtime using the app filters helps Providers give you a more tailored treatment plan. You’ll then be matched instantly, and you’ll have the chance to remove certain Providers from the match if you choose before your information and photos are submitted. CHATOnce you submit your MeTime Journey, just sit back and relax and wait for Providers to send you messages to your MeTime inbox! You can review their recommendations and start a chat with Providers to get more information, send more photos, receive pricing and offers, and make bookings. You’ll be able to see the profiles of Providers who chat with you to learn more about their expertise and practice. CONNECTED AND SAFEIt’s never been easier to connect with aesthetic providers, get advice and recommendations about what’s right for you, and learn about treatments and updates in aesthetics, health and wellness. You can learn about treatments and stay up to date with exciting blogs, find out what’s best for you, chat with Providers, and send photos safely and securely. All using MeTime, the app for you!

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