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Map Marker

Map Marker ZeichenThis app uses Google Maps and other sources in order to allow you to place markers even without internet connection.If you have any issues with the app, please contact me at [email protected], I will most likely be able to help.Features:• Offline maps! BETA feature: acquire offline map files elsewhere and use them to see the map even when offline!• Set a title, a description, a date, a color, an icon and pictures for each marker, and move them freely on the map• Organise your markers into different folders• Browse and organize your markers easily from the text-searchable markers list• Search for places with Google Places API and create a new marker from the result• Open a marker's location in any other map application already installed• Display and copy marker GPS coordinates to clipboard with one clic• Display a marker's address if available• Create path-markers and measure their distance easily• Create polygon-markers and measure their perimeter and area easily• Share a captured image of the current map• Share markers as KML files• Import markers from a QR code• Import/export markers from/to KML or KMZ files• Import your Google Maps favorite locations (those marked with a star)• Open exported KML files with Google Earth to view your markers• Open map related links to add them as a marker (Google Maps link, event location of an event from the Facebook app, contact address, etc.)• Guiding compass to a marker: start the guide to a marker and a compass will show you in which direction and at what distance the marker is• Custom fields for markers: Checkbox, Date, Email, Text, Multi-choice, Phone, Web link• Create templates for custom fields per folder: the child markers will inherit their parent folder's custom fieldsPremium features (paid with free trial):• Save your markers on the cloud with Google Drive or Dropbox• Collaborate with your friends by sharing your map cloud folder with them: anyone with access to the map folder can modify it and changes will be synced to everyone using the folder• Restore previous versions of your cloud map folder• One time purchase for a lifetime upgrade on your Google account with an unlimited number of Android devices• Free trial for trying out full features before deciding• No adsUsed permissions:• Get your location ⇒ to locate you on the map• Access to external storage ⇒ to export, save and import to/from files• Read Google services configuration ⇒ to use Google Maps• Call phone ⇒ for being able to one-click-call a phone number entered in a marker details• Internet access ⇒ for Google Maps to display the map• In-app purchase ⇒ for being able to purchase the premium upgradeAt first launch the app needs internet to initialize. After that the map can work offline by using offline map files stored on your device. Please note that this app does not cache offline map content from Google in order to comply with the terms of use of Google APIs.

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