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Mantis Laser Academy

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Mantis Laser Academy

Mantis Laser Academy ZeichenTRAIN SMARTER:Mantis Laser Academy is a dry-fire laser training system, built around smart targets that support automatic hit detection, scoring, and shot time in the Laser Academy app from data provided by the camera on your smartphone.TRAIN AT HOME:Mantis Laser Academy enables you to set up a dry fire laser range that is powerful, safe, convenient, and very inexpensive. Laser Academy drills are built to enhance your shooting performance, in both marksmanship and speed. Test your skills against your friends using dueling drills that allow you to shoot side by side.KEY FEATURES:- Automatic target detection- Automatic shot detection- Automatic scoring- Marksmanship, speed, and reaction time drills- Shooter-to-shooter dueling drills- Save to historyWHAT YOU NEED:- The Mantis Laser Academy app, available for free from the app store. – Smart Targets, which you can purchase or download for free at – A laser cartridge for your firearm or a laser enabled firearm.- A tripod with a phone mount.You can purchase any of these items, or a full training kit, at STARTED:Once you have your gear, you are ready to train. Before getting started check the training area and all firearms for safety. Ensure any firearms are unloaded and remove live ammunition from the training area. – Place the smart targets in the desired location. Avoid areas where glare from lights and windows may the affect detection of shots on the targets. – Place your smartphone on the tripod and point the rear camera at the target(s) you have placed. – If you are using a laser cartridge, load the laser cartridge into the chamber of your firearm. – Launch the Mantis Laser Academy app on your phone, select a drill, and proceed to train.DRILLS and SMART TARGETS:The Mantis Laser Academy app has a variety of drills focused on different aspects of shooting. Some drills require specific smart targets. Other drills work with any smart target. Several drills support multiple targets and allow local competition between shooters.Smart targets are automatically detected and scored by Mantis Laser Academy. Using smart targets provides the most enjoyable and valuable training experience. The Control Target allows you to Start, Stop, Clear, and Close in the app by shooting specific regions on the Control Target.Mantis Laser Academy has a selection of free drills and a selection of drills that can be purchased or unlocked. If you purchase a Mantis Laser Academy training kit, a Full Access code is included with your kit to unlock all drills in the Laser Academy app. You can also purchase a single drill or Full Access in the app.Our mission is to help every shooter improve their accuracy and confidence. Mantis Laser Academy is the latest innovation in our next-level shooting systems designed to help you achieve a higher level of proficiency.Train smarter, train better, train with Mantis.

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