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JBL Compact Connect

  • APP : JBL Compact Connect
  • Anforderungen : Android
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  • Kategorie : Musik & Audio

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JBL Compact Connect

JBL Compact Connect ZeichenThe JBL Compact Connect is an easy-to-use application for tablets and mobile devices that is designed to offer complete control of up to four JBL EON ONE Compact PA speakers at a time. Featuring Bluetooth audio control, the application gives you free reign over all of the EON ONE Compact’s setting and capabilities. From controlling the speaker’s four-channel digital mixer, to adjusting effects, saving and recalling presets and much more, JBL Compact Connect allows you to easily tailor your speaker to fit your application. Plus, JBL Compact Connect directly links to the speaker’s hardware, so any change you make from the application will reflect on your EON ONE Compact’s LED indicators, including volume levels. In addition to dialing in the perfect sound, the JBL Compact Connect application allows you to update each speaker’s firmware.Key Features:• Easy-to-use mixer interface for complete mixer control and added mixing capabilities• Digital channel faders for adjusting volume levels simply and quickly• Adjustable Lexicon effects for enhancing your audio• Adjustable 8-band EQ for master output and each channel to fine tune your sound• Synchronize and stream music to up to four EON ONE Compact units with full control over each speaker• Software control changes are intelligently reflected on speaker’s hardware• Customizable ducking functionality lowers background music levels when speech is detected• Easily save your ideal sound settings and recall them at anytime• Update firmware for all connected EON ONE Compact units

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