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  • APP : Itsme
  • Anforderungen : Android
  • Hersteller : Home
  • Kategorie : Soziale Netzwerke

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Itsme ZeichenItsme is the best way of connecting your social media and sharing them amongst newly met people. No name searching on Instagram, no wrong spelling on Snapchat, no stalking on Facebook and no searching for names at Linkedin. One touch on your phone and you are inThe functionality of the app is simple:1) Log in/register user2) Connect your social media, phone number, email, attachment or personal webpage3) Choose which profile you want to share – work or private4) When meeting new connection, share your QR-code5) Newly met person scans your code and your information is instantly shared and stored.With the newest update from Android/iOS, you can scan profiles directly from your phone camera showing a popup, making it easier to connect to new persons without even opening the app.Applicable to all social interactions, either it is young, old, business, travelers, students or people looking for an easy way of sharing social media.Need some more information or want to get in touch? Love to hear some feedback or connect with like-minded. Hit us up at [email protected]

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