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GG Sex Life ZeichenWish to have a better sex life? Want more confidence in bed? Crave to get more joy out of your sexual interactions? Want to reduce fears relating to sexual functioning? IMPROVING YOUR CONFIDENCE IN SEX IS SIMPLEThrow away negative thoughts. Approach positive ones. Learn to identify your inner self talk and respond quickly. Train daily and improve your wellness.SCIENCE BACKEDNew findings support the effectiveness of the core mechanism used in GG apps.According to CBT models, negative self talk – individuals’ ongoing interpretations of the self, others and the world – maintain psychological difficulties such as anxiety, low self esteem, negative mood, and maladaptive behaviours. HOW DO I BUILD MY SEXUAL CONFIDENCEThe foundations of healthy sexual confidence and self esteem are built upon beliefs. Our beliefs have the potential to bias and affect our ability to deal with intimate relationships as well as daily situations. For example, if I believe that "everything in myself needs to be prefect", I won't be able to live up to these expectations in bed and my confidence in intimate and sexual situations will decrease. As women and men are different, our apps content is adapted to different genders. Our app is also personalized to each individual. BELIEFS AND SELF TALKBeliefs and self talk are interrelated. Once we learn to embrace healthier and more adaptive self-talk, it can change our beliefs and help us get rid of the ones that negatively affect our seuxal confidence and self esteem.HOW GG SEX LIFE (GGSX) WORKSThe application is designed to:1. Increase your awareness of negative thoughts.2. Train you to identify and challenge negative thoughts.3. Increase your access to neutral and positive thoughts.4. Increase the automaticity of the above processes.5. Provide daily confidence and self esteem boost.IS THIS APP SIMILAR TO PSYCHOLOGICAL THERAPY?Our app platform is not designed to be used as a therapy or treatment, however:1. It is being used by CBT therapists as a complementing tool.2. It helps in maintaining self esteem during or after therapy.3. It is found to relieve symptoms of anxiety, worries, obsessions and more. STATEMENTS (OR THOUGHTS)The basic task in the app is simple – you will be presented with thoughts. If the thought promotes negative self talk – throw it away by dragging it on-screen. If the thought promotes positive or neutral thinking, accept it by dragging it towards you.The more we train, the more automatic this process becomes. HOW MUCH SHOULD I TRAIN EACH DAY?To feel better and improve your confidence in bed, start today! We believe apps allow us to learn and train quickly and effectively. GG Apps are designed to be most effective in short training sessions. You are advised to complete up to 3 levels per day, which should only take between 2-4 minutes.LEVELS AND TOPICSThe app's many topics and themes are broken down into more than 50 levels. Each level has a pool of self talk statements (or thoughts). Users are required to complete a random set of 'blocks' to complete the level.The topics include: Self-expectations and sex, rigid vs. creative sex, sexual desire, fear of being judged, comparisons and sex, self criticism in bed fear of abandonment and fear of trusting in sex, and more.Training using this application, allows for gradual, steady learning of more adaptive self-talk thereby helping to break the vicious thought cycle maintaining low sexual self-esteem.WHAT IF I COMPLETED ALL THE LEVELSThe key to using the app is learning new topics, but even more importantly – training daily. There are levels designed as "daily training" for you to play once you completed your base course.LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FACTS BEHIND GG APPSVisit our website: http://ggapps.netOTHER APPS BY GGGG Relationship Obsessions & DoubtGG OCD: OCD Training AppGG Positive Body: Body Image Distress & PreoccupationGG Self Esteem and Confidence

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