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Darts Scoreboard

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Darts Scoreboard

Darts Scoreboard ZeichenPlay your favourite darts game and let Darts Scoreboard handle the scoring. Darts Scoreboard features X01, Cricket, team play, statistics and more. Android 4+ is needed to get all of the features.GENERAL FEATURES:• X01, Cricket and Bob's 27 games• No limit on the number of players• 20 computer opponents• Team play: pairs, triples – whatever you want• Statistics for all players and teams• Player rankings for all statistics• Head-to-head statistics vs each opponent• Matches can be continued later• Randomise player order• Unlimited undo/redo• It's free!X01 FEATURES:• Standard and doubles dartboards• Double-in option• Choose starting player in deciding legs• Choose the sets, legs and points for each match• Players can start with different points• Checkout suggestions for all dartboards• Tie-break final set / win by 2 legs• Setup suggestions before an outshot is reached• Separate statistics for different leg start points• Auto-handicap points for closer games• Single-press checkout entry• 2-dart out-chart based on the current scoreCRICKET FEATURES:• Standard scoring for 2-player games• Cut-throat scoring for more than 2 playersTARGET PRACTICE:• Singles• Doubles• Trebles• Cricket Trebles• X01 DoublesAPP PERMISSIONS:Darts Scoreboard is a free, ad-supported app, and network access is used only for the ads.

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