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CSX ZeichenProper management of concussion is key to minimising potential long term problems. CSX makes the collection of data, comparison to baselines and sharing of results easy.Using multimodal tasks to collect cognitive data, tasks take between 2-10 minutes depending on the taskDesigned for all ages, CSX individuals, parents, coaches, trainers and health care providers track brain health and ensuring data is shared instantly.CSX is used by many Elite organisations and leagues but can be used at all levels of sport.• Baseline athletes• Set up schedule for the season• Assessments based on teams protocol• All out of play athletes available in one location• Notifications and Emails when new concussions loggedCSX includes the following Elite HIA protocols:• World Rugby Protocols• NRL Protocols• AFL Protocols• England and New Zealand Cricket Protocols• Soccer Protocol• New Zealand Rugby Rugby Smart CSX custom protocol.For the community level CSX General protocols includes:• Baseline tasks (pre-season),• Suspected Concussion logging and notifications• Post-injury and recovery testing with comparison to the baseline• At home symptom tracking• Out of play activity calendar• Game-based brain tasks• UNLIMTED testing and report sharing• Cloud always available storage• Doctor CodeCSX is not intended to diagnose concussions or make return-to-play decisions. CSX is a tool to be used to collect data and help with the management of concussion as set out in concussion protocols. A complete concussion and return-to-play assessment should not be made based on the data in the app alone, and should only be made after a user has received a medical examination by a qualified healthcare professional.

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