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  • Anforderungen : Android
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  • Kategorie : Fotografie

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Pixup ZeichenA professional and easy-to-use photo editing tool to help hobby photographers and design aficionados bring their art to life.Powerful photo editing, photo collage capabilities, combined with professional photo effects and advanced design resources, allow you to perform photo editing and easily share your creation on Instagram or Facebook. Write down the highlights of your life with amazing creativity.[ONE CLICK PHOTO IMPROVEMENT FUNCTION]Ease of use, adjust photo light and tone, sharpen photo, enhance photo with one click.[ADVANCED PHOTO EDITING FUNCTIONS]In addition to basic photo editing tools, it offers more advanced photo editing features like Blurring, HSL, Color Balance, Haze Removal, Noise Removal, which fit the bill.[PROFESSIONAL PHOTO EFFECTS]More than 100 professional photo effects and stylish filters such as real analog film, retro, freshness, B&W and more classic effects suitable for different scenes with different aesthetic styles.[CROP PICTURE TOOL]It freely supports photo composition, allowing you to crop, rotate and flip photos. At the same time, it adjusts the perspective of the photo, such as distortion and stretching, thereby enabling even greater creativity.[VARIETY OF ITEMS AND RESOURCES]Stickers, frames, fonts, backgrounds, mosaics, stock photos, vast resources with various elements to enhance your work.

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