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  • APP : Mimiq
  • Anforderungen : Android
  • Hersteller : Home
  • Kategorie : Lifestyle

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Mimiq ZeichenSecure what matters the most to you. Introducing the next generation of security, Mimic GO™. Our Bluetooth and LoRa enabled devices and handy app changes the security aspect as a whole. Mimic GO™ is the first personal and portable security gadget in the world. It allows you to secure your home and belongings with its sensors, alarm, and phone notifications. It is the easiest and fastest way to secure anything. Just place your Mimic, set the skill from the app, and start securing your valuables. Mimic is bringing a whole new security experience, allowing you to secure anything without any installation required. Get notified wherever you are, and protect anything you care about.Mimic connects to the internet and alerts you even when you are far away. It uses the top networks to keep you safe, without any data fees. :house_with_garden: Secure any part of your home from your room to your backyard door and even your garage. :school_satchel: Enjoy your peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe. Attach it to any of your valuables such as your laptop, backpack, and even your outdoor equipment. :file_cabinet: Make sure no one is opening your storage space except you. Secure any of your drawers, your safe, or your jewelry boxes. :bulb: Use the motion-sensing light to find your way in the dark and make new spaces feel safe and comfortable. :mailbox_with_mail:Make your life easier with daily reminders. Get alerted if you forget your valuables behind or if your post arrives at your mailbox. Discover more and get the latest Mimic skills from the Smart Mimic App. ——— Use it with the Mimic App. Choose how you want to get notified. Mimic GO™ communicates with your phone and smartwatch. Set the skills and adjust your notification settings. Customize your experience by adjusting the alarm, light, and skill selections.Phone & Smartwatch Notifications + Alarm Alerts + Light Alerts

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